Machinery Scene 360-864-2800

Machinery Scene 360-864-2800 Your Source for Industrial Machinery

484 RF10, 6,180 Sq. Ft. cloth area from rectangular type with bolt down gasket cages

Two  484 dust collectors available dismantled and stored at our yard for prompt shipment.

Two fan options- both are stored inside our warehouse

Reverse Pulse filter cleaning system- PD pump 7 1/2hp,

Explosion vents – pressure relief doors


Tangential scroll inlet, inlet deflection baffle & air straightener vanes

60-degree conical bottom hopper

Hopper access door

Top walk-in access compartment for filter bags replacement.

Abort gates

Has been removed in one piece for quick and easy re-installation

Stored in our yard- ready to load (no charge) for prompt shipment,

Call for a delivered price to your location,