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Mac pulse jet baghouse dust collector, Mac 96AVS25 filter baghouse, pulse jet bag house

314 SQ.FT. filter cloth area, 25 filter bags 6” diameter X 8ft long

Buyer has 2 fan options  below:

#1 fan: 15 HP fan (2912 CFM at 14” SP estimated), 10” fan inlet,  AirPro Fan: serial# 18398, size: IEPW173, part#: 10002865, customer PO#: 229766, Baldor Super E  motor 208/230/460 volt , 3500 RPM,

#2 fan: 20 HP fan ( 5,000 CFM at 13” SP estimated), 13” fan inlet, Twin Cities Fan: size 913, Type: RBA-SW, Class: 22, AAR:9BL, Serial#: 05-206617-1-1, Fan motor: Teco, 230/460, 1760 RPM. BUYER WILL NEED TO VERIFY WITH MANUFACTURE (MAC) THAT FAN WILL WORK WITH THE MAC BAGHOUSE FILTER,

Baghouse height to support brackets  10ft 2inches,  support stand height 92”, caged ladder with 3ft x 3 ft platform for baghouse filter access, dirty air inlet 9 ½”,

bottom discharge of baghouse 10”+- with manual gate valve,

Fan exhaust air muffler/silencer

2 “Y” pipes with valves, blow pipe, dust hoods and misc. pipe

Fan will be test ran with video,

Delivery available,

Baghouse overall shipping dimensions: baghouse (weight 1,700LBS) 158” stand ( weight ?) 92” tall, ladder/platform 3’w x3’w x 101” tall,

Baghouse overall assembled height with stand 18ft, ( 123” Baghouse & 92” stand)