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Jost, Joest jacketed stainless cooling spiral vibrating conveyor, spiral stainless cooling conveyor, spiral elevator conveyor

Jost or Joest  (German company.) Spiral Cooler, stainless steel,  type WUFS, fabrication # 0670 924, manufactured on 2006


Liquid-cooled water jackets under cooler trays-dimple type,

heat exchanger (stainless) manifold with ports included,

15 to 16 turns.

11 ft tall spiral cooler trays,

spiral cooler trays diameter 47 inches,

2 electric vibrating motors 2.40 KW, 480 volt or 380 volt

center shaft/tube 24” diameter

overall height is 17ft 6 inches,

heat exchanger (stainless?) manifold with ports included,

Also available ( sold separately) the stainless steel Jost vibrating feeder conveyer 14 inch wide x 6 inch deep X 8 ft long,  built in 2009 for an additional cost

Stored inside, spiral conveyor weight 7,000 LBS, cooling water manifold/heat exchanger weight 1,400 LBS, pallet weight 1900 lbs

Jost or Joest German made equipment

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