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1600 gallon stainless steel insulated vertical tank, Perma San 1600 Stainless tank, vertical water tank 1600 gallon CVC used, Perma San used 1600 gallon double walled insulated stainless steel vertical tank,

Used Perma-San stainless steel tank 1600 gallon tank, serial# 34628, used insulated double walled stainless 1600 gal. tank,  used vertical stainless steel insulated 1600 gallon tank for sale, drain outlet valve, previous owner used it inside of a building- we are currently storing it inside of a warehouse and is ready for prompt shipping.

Approximate measurements:

Inside diameter: 80”

Inside height: 77”

Support stand (legs) height  adds 28” +-

Outside  (tank body) diameter: 84”

Outside height with support stand (legs) and hatch cover 115”to 122+.  Support stand will reduce height 26” approximately and can be removed  (slip/push fit) for shipping reduced shipping height 98”+- tall.

Bottom drain valve  (pipe diameter 3 ½”)

Top vent pipe diameter 2 ½”

Hatch (gasketed /sealed) diameter 17 1/2”+-

Insulated ( doubled walled)

Removable support legs

Tank fill level gauge- plastic hose (sight gauge)

The previous owner used it for water ( unknown use prior to previous owner)

Call for a delivered price to your location,