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after paint

Torit Donaldson Airlock Model AN20 20 inch inlet and outlet 1 1/2HP, Repainted Can provide test run video Stored inside Item#420

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AMF metal wheel feeder metal wheel size 20×20, 7.5HP Opening 16″ W x 20″ Can provide video during test run Stored inside Item# F2020B  

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Donaldson Airlock Model# 20AN 20 inch square inlet 42 overall height Recent paint Will test run and provide video    

photo 5

Airlock 24″ long ID x 28 ” tall  

misc equip and crew 120

  Airlock 14 inch round inlet 15 inch square outlet 460/230 voltage motor with Falk speed reducer 39 inches overall height Airlock body 16 inch overall width Repainted Can test run and provide video Stored inside