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25 hp material handling fan, Argo Blower size 40 fan Approximate measurements: outlet 12″x 15.5″, inlet diameter 14.5″ in diameter, wheel diameter 27″, wheel width 9.5″,

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15 HP fan Dayton 15 fan 10″ fan inlet Outlet 9″ x 10 1/2″ Wheel width 6 .5″ Wheel diameter 19″  

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Material handling Fan 125HP. 1750RPM+- 19,100 CFM estimated (need to verify from MFG.) 20″ static pressure  estimated( need to verify from MFG.) Fan CFM and SP is only an estimate buyer would need to verify fan CFM and SP We will pay […]

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Chicago Fan 25 HP Direct drive CFM 10,500, static pressure 7.3″,Fan CFM and SP is only an estimate, buyer would need to verify fan CFM and SP Inlet size is apprx. 20inch at fan body but is reduced down to 12 inches Outlet […]

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20 inch  fan wheel diameter apprx., 15 HP, apprx. 10 inch inlet, 10 1/2″ X 9″ outlet, stored inside, can test run and provide video.