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fans after paint 012

backward inclined fan, electric motors available, this fan is unknown if its operational.

misc 015

New York Blower  26,000 CFM 3.5 SP Year of manufacture 2006 Shop #A02090 100 Outside length 69 inches outside width 55 inches Stored inside New York Blower  26,000 CFM, 3.5 SP, year of manufacture 2006, Shop #A02090 100,  outside length 69 […]


Stainless steel fan (wheel and fan body) Clean air type fan wheel (might be a backward curved?) Inlet 25 1/2″, Outlet width 19″ X 23 1/4″ wheel diameter 33″ and width of wheel is 8″ no motor (used motor available) Fan […]


Material Handling Fan Wheel Approximate size 77″ in diameter 34″ in width, inlet size 38″ outlet size 36″x36″ overall fan body (only)height approximately 11feet tall attached bottom frame approximately 12’6″ to 13’ tall motor in photo not included- different motors available […]


20hp fan Twin City fan size 973 ARR. 9BL class 22, used Twin City Fan  20hp  serial #05-206617-1-1 class 22 size 913 ARR. 9BL, with outlet damper, fan estimated performance 5,000CFM at 13″sp - buyer needs to verify with fan manufacture, fan inlet size […]