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200 HP Reliance motor 4

Reliance Eomaster 200hp 460 volt, 1785 RPM, Frame 445T,  Nema nom efficiency 95, electric motor, test run video available, stored inside    


Westinghouse life-line T, 150 HP, 1775 RPM, frame 445 T, 460 volt,  test run video video

motor stater panel

Furnas motor starters 14HS 32A*51 size 3 and size 14ES 32*A size  1 3/4 with ESP 100 overload relay with phase loss circuit  and Siemens 100 amp circuit breaker, Siemens 100 amp instantaneous trip adjustment breaker Siemens cat. no. ED63A100, UL approved enclosure, panel stored inside, […]

miscccs 1726

        300HP Teco “HD type mill duty” electric motor Video of test run after new bearings and paint: Test ran by independent motor shop and have paper work, view receipt below in photos 1765 RPM 460 volt 324 amps […]

view after run test and inside of shipping box

Teco Westinghouse electric motor, 2300 volt or 4160 volt,  800HP or 600HP electric motor, 1186 RPM, Frame 5810L, Approximate shaft diameter 3 15/16+- shaft lenght 8″+-, stored in warehouse- inside a heated plywood box. YouTube video of the electric motor test ran and […]