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Model# TD 3060-155 Serial# BB-8630 Pulse jet cleaning  Sell the baghouse only has no fan


Steelcraft Filtrex dust collector, Model S102002470, 75HP fan, Koger 20 airlock, “  The photo of the erected dust collector may not be the identical dust collector we are selling”    


LMC pulse jet low profile dust collector Explosion relief panel Low profile type Motor starters ( buyer will need to verify that starters will be suitable for their application) Approximate outside measurements: 10ft tall, 12ft 2″+- long (includes screw augers) 5ft 2 inches +- […]

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Used Pneumafil dust collector (312) 12 ft. filter bags Approximately 47,000CFM @ 17 SP. Fan CFM and SP is only an estimate, buyer would need to verify fan CFM and SP Approximately 4680 sq ft of cloth The model number should would be 11.5-312-12 […]

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Carter Day Dust Collector RFC Actual Model RFC 232RF10, :232RF , 67641, Tube sect. 15344-1-0 Used dust collector with 232 installed cloth filter bags 10′ in length,. );  125HP fan motor,  clean air fan curve is currently at 26,000CFM at 11″ SP.  The fan can […]