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Torit HPH 42 Dust collector: 25HP  New York Blower clean air fan with inlet vane damper New York Blower fan description  ACF/PLR fan ClassI-III, Shop#H03471 100, Size 22 ACF, the fan CFM  range is 7,500 to 8600. The manufacturer specification’s  shows the Torit 42 HPH dust collect […]

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Torit Donaldson Dust collector Only one dust collector  available the other two have been sold Model# 160-HPW Serial# IG065691-C Job# 14262H Pulse Jet bag cleaning 160 oval filter bags 8 ft long 1590 sqft. of filter area Airlock Positive seal bolt in cages Ladder Walk – […]

side view of baghouse after paint touch up



Steelcraft Pulse Jet Dust Collector Steelcraft Baghouses Pulse Jet cleaning 1128 SQ.FT. Filter cloth area Serial # F79765, Model#10-96-1185 Matching high efficiency cyclones available Recently removed from service Inlet 24″, outlet 12″ x 88″ Two Baghouses available (the fans and […]

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Steelcraft Filtrex baghouse dust collector Two Bag houses available Steelcraft/Filtrex baghouse dust collector Model # MT10.96.1185 Serial# F-39437, 96 filter bags 10foot long Approximately 1128 sqft of cloth Price includes loading on your truck, call for a delivered price Fans, airlocks, […]