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prior to removal

High Efficiency Dust Cyclone Wear liners in inlet and cone Approximate  diameter  62 inches Approximate cone length 91 inches Approximate barrel length 91 inches Approximate cap/top length 19 inches Approximate overall length with stand 310 inches Approximate inlet measurements 13 1/2″ x 30″ Approximate outlet  […]

misccs oct 082

4 foot cyclone with stand, installed in 2012.

view of cyclone after paint

6 foot dust cyclone, 6′ cyclone includes stand, Overall measurements of cyclone: overall diameter 6ft+-, inlet 10 1/2″ x 21 1/2″, top outlet 35″ bottom outlet 14″+-, overall cyclone length 15ft+,  body length is 53″, cone length 10ft 2 inches, […]

I 13 ft x 38ft cyclone

Cyclone measurements  are approximate;  13 ft.  diameter 38 FT. long Cone metal thickness is 0.125 Two inspection doors One explosion panel on the top of the inlet Outside support Ring is included Prior use was separating sawdust Very good condition inside Shows very little wear Price includes […]

misc july 20 equipment 102

  Dust Cyclone 70 inches +- in diameter Insulated cyclone, Can purchase with or without airlock will test run airlock upon request inlet 20″ x 10″ top outlet 13″ diameter bottom cone and airlock outlet 16″ diameter cone length apprx. 8ft, 70″ […]