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  Becker Underwood Second Harvester, mulch coloring machine ( may not have all necessary parts to operate) Marion mixer blender Model# CPC44192 Serial#BUO111 Marion U trough paddle mixer Trough approximate inside dimensions are: 196″ X 48″ deep X 44″ wide, […]

screw conveyors 189

17+ ft. Screw Conveyor 18 inches wide motor and gear box can test run and provide video running      

17ft screw round screw auger 013

Used tubular screw conveyor approximately 17 1/2 feet long screw is approximately 16 feet long screw approximately 10 inches in diameter 5 HP motor, and Falk gear box flights about 9 inches apart can test run and provide video running


Screw conveyor 19 +- feet long inside trough 24 inch wide trough 1/4″ thick flights 26 inch pitch 5 hp dual voltage motor    


Tramco Bulk-Flo chain conveyor Metal chain attached has 1/2 thick UHMW flights (6 inch tall x 10 inch wide) approximately 15 1/2 inch on center 63 ft overall length with angled joint 57 feet 5 inches overall length if conveyor is used without angled joint and reassembled flat This […]